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Activities we will do

I expect the maximum group size to be 4 and it will be a 2 hours session which will include tea and snacks. Expect me to contact you a day before the session for the confirmation and any needs you might have.

We will begin with an interactive orientation with introduction and overview of henna art and what activities are we going to do.

In the session I would like to know how familiar are you with this art and according to that we will start creating the magical designs either on paper first or directly on your palms.

We can have plenty of designs from with you can choose and apply the design or you can work through your aesthetic imaginations. Finally we can have a discussion and feedback from you.

About Host

I am passionately driven to do Henna art and been doing this from very early age. Henna is a traditional ritual of Indian festivals and performed on important occasions like marriage. Nowadays it has become more popular and people often have henna art on their hands just like other ornaments and jewelry regularly.

It gives me great satisfaction to create and try to do my best while making beautiful Henna designs.
A henna artist needs to look at a person's hand and decide what patterns suits him/her and also constantly needs to come up with unique and new designs. My biggest secret of being a henna artist is patience, to produce new ideas and articulate them on the hands of people.

What is included in the experience

Light snacks with hot or cold beverages

Henna Cones

Meeting Location

Other Information

Light snacks with hot or cold beverages

Henna Cones

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