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Activities we will do

It will be a 2 hour session with me on Kaseda art and will also include tea and snacks for the guest. Expect me to contact you a day before the session. I will ask about your preference of colors, expectations, any preference, any special need that you might have and anything i can help with. We will begin with introduction. Subsequently I will given an overview of the 2 hour session and explain what we are going to do. The introduction will involve history of embroidery, its presence in India and abroad. In the session we will target to make 2 different design of embroidery. You can select from my design or we can design something that you already know. In the end will will wrap up the session with discussion and feedback.

About Host

I grew up in beautiful town of Bikaner, Rajasthan and often observed my mother and her sister doing Kaseda Embroidery. I learnt about this embroidery from a very early age and i love doing it in my free time. Kaseda art is not just an embroidery for me but a way to express my emotions and moods. I believe i express myself with Kaseda art and want to show my creativity to people and share with them. I would also like to learn from others and have dun showcasing this beautiful art. I hope with the help of my art i can bring to attention in this busy world about an art work and connect people with it.

What is included in the experience

Piece of cloth along with needle and different colour threads

Meeting Location

Other Information

Piece of cloth along with needle and different colour threads

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