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I will explain the history and origins of Sanskrit and how it evolved into many languages. How the current languages evolved and current trends. You will also understand how Vedic Mathematics is related with Sanskrit and how it helped me in modern mathematics. I believe this can help school kids in improving their mathematics skills. We will understand grammar, written and speaking of Sanskrit during this experience.
I will also explain major events and history of India and how languages evolved over last several hundred years.
As part of experience I will help you write your name or anything that you wish to translate to Sanskrit and do an exercise in writing it.

About Host

I am from Jaipur, India. I am doing Engineering and have interest in various languages and mathematics. Sanskrit as a language was introduced in our curriculum when I was 10 year old. In the very first year I received a state level award in Sanskrit. I am speak, read and write sanskrit fluently. Sanskrit is also related with ancient Vedic Mathematics. I am passionate about Sanskrit and wish to promote the use of this language.

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Welcome drinks and Snacks

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Welcome drinks and Snacks

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