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Bringing kids closer to reality

An enchanting experience at village Suryagaon

Suryagoan Uttrakhand

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Nature, Culture

About Suryagoan Village

Suryagoan is a small village hidden amongst mighty hills of Uttarakhand. Overlooking at grouping of seven lakes called sattal to add on its uniqueness and beauty. It falls under district sattal. Farming is primary source of income for villager. Villagers are very welcoming and friendly people.

Best part about this place is its luxurious quietness which connects yo to the raw and pure sounds of nature. In saattal (meaning sevel lakes) one gets opportunity to pursue adventure activities in lap of nature.

IRECX and CAS Enabled Trips

CAS (Creativity, Activity & Service) is an inseparable element of experiential education system.

CAS Project Challenges a student to:
• Show Initiative
• Demonstrate Perseverance
• Develop skills such as collaboration, problem solving and decision making

IRECX (Immersive, Rural, Environmental and Cultural Experience)

The modern world society is coming full circle. Western world explorers are moving away from citylights & gadgetry, back into the wild, the natural, the vedic and the vegan; while our kids(India’s future generation) are getting dangerously lost in mobile & social media. We intend to bring our kids closer to richness of Indian culture & purity of nature-habitats, in a meaningful and experiential way. IRECX stands for "Immersive Rural Educational Cultural Experience"

We want to help them discover the ‘Real India’ – the India of villages, artisans and communities – and open their eyes to nature & culture of our soil.
Our Objectives:
• Promoting rural tourism, self-employment and awareness about village life
• Sensitizing urban kids towards Indian heritage i.e. village, wildlife & culture
• Bridging gaps between urban & rural societies by active interaction & assimilation
• Digital detox of our kids – bring in importance of going out, visiting unseen places and discover-something-new-everyday mindset

Some Facts:
• 70% of India lives in villages and depend on farming
• >20% of India’s GDP comes from agriculture. Agripreneur will be a real skill in future, driving India’s growth
• The National Education Policy 2016 envisions a credible education system capable of developing responsible citizens who respect the Indian tradition of acceptance of diversity of India’s heritage, culture and history and promote social cohesion.

Safety & Hygiene

At ZAYFY safety is very important to our organization culture and hence we mention it loud and clear. We do not assume that safety is understood and we believe it is continuous activity and engage with it to prepare for predictable and unforeseen safety incidents.

Transport vehicle and Driver
• We check the reliability of the transport medium with our vendors and do not use if it is driven above 60,000 km.
• Driver should have atleast 10 years of experience as school bus driver holding a valid commercial driving license.
• Vehicle should be in full functional condition and well maintained. we check maintenance history.
• We make sure that the vehicle has required safety instruments on board like fire extinguisher, safety exist, warning sign symbols etc
• Vehicles used on our trip have all necessary permits and license to operate.

Stops during drive to/from destination
• We stop at locations where we already had an agreement and made appropriate hygiene and safety checks.
• Our vendors maintain high level of kitchen hygiene and clean servicemen.
• These locations do not serve alcohols or tobacco as part of their existing business portfolio.

Stay at Destination
• MBBS doctor is recommended for school trips and provided by us as optional.
• A night guard is on duty on all days during trip. Kitchen is well maintained and hygiene is maintained at all times.
• Meals are not precooked and hence always served for fresh.
• Mineral water bottles during travel and mineral water dispensers are provided.
• Guests are accompanied at all times by 1 person/5 people in addition to 2 people who maintain watchful eyes, a doctor (if included), a guide.
• Guests counting (for large groups) in morning at wakeup, bed time, beginning of in between trips is conducted.
• Mobiles, headphones, tablets and other electronic devices are prohibited during active trip experience.
• DSLR and Mobiles are carried by our team for taking selfies, pictures during active trip experience and shared at end of the day.

Trip Location

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