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Rural Experience at Pantnagar University

Pantnagar, Uttrakhand

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About Rural Experience at Pantnagar

Pantnagar University is India's 1st Agricultural University inaugurated by Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru, tucked away in the Tarai region of Uddham Singh Nagar District, Uttrakhand. It is around 300 km from Delhi and around 70 km from Nainital, a major tourist spot.

Being the harbinger of Green Revolution, Pant varsity has ushered India's renaissance in education and advancement of agriculture and allied streams. Agrarian society like ours can only survive by adoption of new technologies in farming and related activities, and pantvarsity is in the vanguard of research and development of the same.

Pantnagar, spanned in an area of 90,000 acres, is the 2nd largest university in the world, in terms of contiguous area. Out of 9 colleges in the university, 5 are dedicated to Agriculture and Animal sciences which were setup in collaboration with top international universities. This place is the hub of agriculture and rural knowledge, and has a lot to offer.

From high yielding agriculture crops to best farming practices, from mushroom planting to bee-keeping, from variety of poultry to pure indigenous cattle breeds. This place is not just imparting knowledge but also preserving our natural treasures.

IRECX and CAS Enabled Trips

IRECX stands for "Immersive Rural Environmental Cultural Experience"
The modern world society is coming full circle. Western world explorers are moving away from citylights & gadgetry, back into the wild, the natural, the vedic and the vegan; while our kids(India’s future generation) are getting dangerously lost in mobile & social media. We intend to bring our kids closer to richness of Indian culture & purity of nature-habitats, in a meaningful and experiential way. Through IRECX we want to help them discover the ‘Real India’ – the India of villages, artisans and communities – and open their eyes to nature & culture of our soil.
Our Objectives:
• Promoting rural tourism, self-employment and awareness about village life
• Sensitizing urban kids towards Indian heritage i.e. village, wildlife & culture
• Bridging gaps between urban & rural societies by active interaction & assimilation
• Digital detox of our kids – bring in importance of going out, visiting unseen places and discover-something-new-everyday mindset Some Facts:
• 70% of India lives in villages and depend on farming
• >20% of India’s GDP comes from agriculture. Agripreneur will be a real skill in future, driving India’s growth
• The National Education Policy 2016 envisions a credible education system capable of developing responsible citizens who respect the Indian tradition of acceptance of diversity of India’s heritage, culture and history and promote social cohesion.


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